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Summer fun with an Asymmetrical Skirt!

My first date jitters were instantly cured with a super cute and fun asymmetrical skirt. It was in mid-July, boiling hot outside with not a cloud in sight. It was my town’s annual “Summer Days” festival, which included a three-day fair, music, and tons of food. As a kid I remember going all three days and riding the Tilt-A-whirl basically the entire time I was there. Now, I can’t even handle a single ride on it without getting the least bit dizzy.

So back to the whole first date thing, his name was Chris and he was in my English Lit class last semester. He had this sandy blonde hair that fell just above his eyes, his eyes that had this unusual hazel tint to them. I think his eyes were what really attracted me to him. On the last day of class he just walked up to me and asked for my number. At that moment I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

We talked every day and night and finally he asked me to go to the fair with him. I was so excited, I couldn’t even handle it! The first thing I did was go to my favorite shopping app, Resultly  where I wanted to get some ideas on what to wear. Perfect! I definitely wanted to wear something girly, chic, and comfortable. It didn’t take me long at all to find the one for my date. I ended up finding it here.

asymmetrical skirt
It was this unique aqua color and was a skort style skirt, which was perfect for wearing to the fair. I paired it with a gray crop top that fell just above my waist line and some cute gladiator sandals. Since I never bought a skirt like this before I decided to check out some blogs about how to style it and what to wear with it. I found this great one, Chictopia which gave me a bunch of ideas and even other stores where I could find more super cute ones!

That’s where I found this longer one at Akira.

asymmetrical skirt

It was this off-white color and had a zipper on the side. I thought this one would be so chic for date number two! Just a two short weeks later, Chris asked me out to dinner to this fancy restaurant on the other side of town. It was such a nice night, with such an amazing guy. I ended up wearing my new white skirt with a a chic black crop top and gold accessories to top it off.

After our second date, we started spending a lot of time together. Soon enough Chris and I became official and even “Facebook official.” I was on cloud nine and was so unbelievably happy. In a humorous way I always wonder was it my outfit from that first date that made him ask me out again. I like to think yes, an outfit certainly can have those abilities. Even more so if you’re wearing an asymmetrical skirt.

Check back soon!