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Mother-Daughter Extravaganza

There was once a quote that I heard or read, “When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe.” Now this line is not only a quote anymore for me, my friends who are now mothers have proved this line. They used to always shop for themselves, shop for new clothes, new shoes, new make-ups, new gadgets without thinking much of others. Their times are very flexible, they go to parties and stay up all night, they are available every weekend, and they couldn’t spend or finish the week without having coffee and chat with friends thrice or four times a week. They would always watch new movies and dine in at recommended restaurants. Everything has changed actually, they don’t go out much, instead of watching a movie they would rather watch TV series, instead of having coffee outside they would invite us over to their houses, their weekends are not so available anymore. When they shop they would always think about their babies first, ohhhhhh, how motherhood changed them for the good.

My friend who got pregnant four years ago with her baby girl is enjoying her motherhood now. She recently got this Mother-daughter event that she discovered in the Internet. It is a yearly event that encourages mothers to bring their daughter or daughters and have a bonding for a day. They are required to bring food, drinks, utensils, and prizes or help organize the event to share with other participants. The other exciting part is they are also required to wear matching outfits with their daughters. Actresses like Jennifer Garner and daughter and Jennifer Lopez and her daughter wear matching outfits too!

Here are some outfits that are really cute for them and that they can actually wear. Both the mother’s white chiffon dress and baby girl’s white dress below while browsing on here (from Forever 21 and Gap Kids).

white chiffon dress girl's white dress

Or how about these matching red dresses. This blood red for Mother’s dress is from Anthropologie while the baby girl’s dress is from Zara.

red dress girl's red dress

Actually, it is a good event because mothers can share their experiences to one another, your social life will not be limited to your family and you will have friends who also for sometime share the stress feeling of taking care of your child. Of course there is also the proud feeling sharing the hardships you went thru, how are you dealing with the family, you can get tips on good baby products, good baby foods, good schools to enroll your child, good activities that will enhance more your child’s skill, talent and brain power.

It is also good for kids to have new friends and be active physically and socially!