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Hide Christmas Pounds With Empire Waist Tops

If you’ve been wondering what the top item to buy right now is, it’s empire waist tops. They are super flattering, which is def a necessity now that it’s the holiday season.  We all know how easy it is to pack on a few unwanted pounds from Thanksgiving to December 26th. I love them because they synch you in at the waist, hence the name, giving you that hourglass shape that every girl craves.

empire waist topsempire waist tops

As seen on the two girls above you can see how the tie in the center of the top truly brings in the shirt so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a tent. My friend has a large chest and she refuses to wear baggy tops because it jets out and doesn’t come back in. Well, I tell her one thing over and over. BUY EMPIRE WAIST TOPS! I found these two options here along with a bunch of other great options.

Another great thing about this look is that the synched hemline also varies top by top. You’ll find a lot looking like the two above, however you may also start seeing some that come in on angle, lower on the waist, higher at the chest, the list is endless.

Take my favorite example of a lower waist from http://www.forever21.com:

empire waist top

It is still just as flattering and would probably look best for those with flatter chests. It keeps your figure looking as small as it actually is. You can also wear this with high waisted anything, which is my favorite part. The shorts as shown, pants, or a skirt. The options are endless!

I recently wore a similar outfit as shown to a summer bonfire party. It was super fun and it started during the evening while it was still light outside then it gradually got darker as the night went on. It was perfect because this look was so easily transformed from day to night it was unreal. There is nothing better than an outfit that you can wear to work, your friends, house, anywhere really, and then if you need to go out straight from there it will work. I can’t tell you enough times how much of a pain it is to have plans after work when I need to be looking cute enough for that yet still comfortable to sit in them all day at my computer desk typing away.

Comfy but cute is always my favorite go to and empire waist tops surely do satisfy this. I highly recommend you filling your wardrobe with a whole bunch!