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Dolman Sleeve Tops: Are they for you?

The Dolman sleeve top has been causing quite a stir in the fashion world. Everyone wants to own one, me included!

However, I wonder what does the word Dolman mean? I initially thought it was a brand or a designer’s name. When I decided to look it up, Wikipedia has informed me that it’s actually not. Feeling a bit embarrassed because it looks like I was not really into my History class and in case you are too, well, I guess I have saved you from embarrassment (you owe me!).

According to Youlookfab.com, this top is best for inverted triangle and pear-shaped body types. The loose top allows these body types to be more creative on how they can style it. The website has also given suggestions on how you can wear this top in different ways and what accessories to use.

If the article might have enticed you to buy another pair (like me), head down to Resultly they offer a lot of Dolman sleeve tops that you can choose fromcheck them out here: http://www.result.ly/Search/dolman%20sleeve%20tops)

I know that Youlookfab.com mentioned that specific body types could wear this top well however I think it suits all types just as long as you know how to style your top. Take this Ann Taylor dolman sleeve top that I found.

dolman sleeve top

The silhouette provided by the bold black color over the shoulders suits women who do not have broad shoulders. The solid color highlights the shoulders and at the same time provides a nice shift of the prints from the chest down.

For a full-figured woman, I would suggest wearing a printed sleeve top like this Alberto Makali dolman sleeve top. The fabric is chiffon so it’s not clingy but is actually flowing. You can wear a tank top or a bandeau under this sleeve top. The silhouette makes you look sexier and no one will scrutinize if you have some love handles at the side because this is what the prints are for.

dolman sleeve top

I know I keep mentioning the silhouette of your body is being highlighted on this top because to be honest, it is how you either visually deceive the people looking at you or how the top or outfit emphasizes your body’s assets.

I guess the other thing that I want to point out is this fashion trend is for all shapes and sizes. No one is excluded in trying this out.
dolman sleeve top