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Do I really need that Cobalt Blue Dress? YES!

As a girl we all have that one clothing item that we so desperately want but don’t always need. In my case, this clothing item was a cobalt blue dress. I remember last weekend this girl was wearing it and I just thought I need that, I want that. My 23rd birthday is less than a month away and I already knew exactly what I wanted to wear. I wanted to go for a cocktail style dress with subtle accessories and of course, heels.

The first place I searched was Macy’s, ¬†basically where I find all of the cutest dresses for any occasion! Within minutes I found this Ivanka Trump toggle shoulder, knee-length dress. It was to die for. I knew I wanted something a little shorter, so my next time was Resultly shopping app, here

I had so many different styles to choose from on the app, so it was definitely a challenge to figure out which one I wanted. However, within twenty minutes I found my 23rd birthday outfit and I couldn’t be more excited about it! The dress comes down just right above the knee and has this black lace neckline, it’s so cute! Since my birthday’s in December I figured I’d pair it with a solid black tights, platform black heels, and my black leather jacket.

Man, I was going to look so good! And I so did. My eight girlfriends and I went to dinner at this fancy, Italian restaurant in the city. There’s always something about being surrounded by the people you love the most while celebrating. Next on my birthday agenda was to do some bar hopping before making our way to the club. Well we realized it was just way too cold for bar hopping, considering some of my friends refused to wear tights. We ended up at this club I’ve been waiting to go to since forever!

We ended up having such a good time! One of my girlfriends had a friend who was a bartender there so we basically got free drinks all night. Talk about an awesome birthday gift! The next morning I woke up with a pretty nasty hangover, but it was definitely worth it.

I would consider myself a bit of a shopaholic because that following morning I couldn’t wait to spend my gift cards that I got for my birthday. Let’s see I got Macy’s, Forever 21, and a Nordstrom gift cards. My birthday fell at the most perfect time considering I could start shopping for my New Years outfit. I already knew I wanted to go with the same color as my birthday dress, I definitely think it’s my color.

cobalt blue dress

Well that search didn’t take long either! I ended up finding this long sleeve, crepe shift dress that was super chic and also looked super comfy. The dress above was from Nordstrom ¬†which I was really happy about since I had a gift card. With New Years nearly three weeks away I knew that I found exactly what I wanted and needed, a cobalt blue dress.