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A Wardrobe Must-Have, the Tshirt Dress

One of the newest clothing items that is now a closet basic is the tshirt dress. Aside from your leggings it’s probably the most versatile item you’ll own. They’re ideal for a casual trip to the mall with your girls or a classy date night with your significant other. Knowing how to style them will make your outfit super chic and trendy. With these few style tips, you’ll be buying two at a time!

1.) Go for a more loose fit: This one is certainly my favorite! I mean who doesn’t love some extra comfort? Although it’s a loose fit it still is flattering and accents your body type well. Now don’t necessarily go for baggy and big, rather one that has a more relaxed cut and style. If you go for one that has buttons down the front be sure to go for a bigger size. This one here would look fabulous as a loose fit especially with the buttons down the front. So cute!

tshirt dress

2.)Hem Length & Heel Length: So when looking for the one, think: the shorter the dress, lower the heel. Easy enough, right? These easily can be worn to the office just as long as it falls just a little below the knee paired with simple heels. Now if you want to go less sophisticated and more girly, fun go with a mini dress but make sure to wear it with flats or lower heels. This one from Macy’s would look great at work or for a casual Saturday running errands. Just grab either a simple pair of flats or some low peep-toe wedges to pair with it.

tshirt dress

3.) Pair it with a Belt: Sometimes you’ll come across one that is either shapeless or basically makes you look similar to a sack of potatoes. In that case try pairing it with a belt, either thin or thick. This will really accentuate your waistline and give your outfit some shape. Depending on the style try different belt sizes and types to complete your look! My favorite go-to shopping app Resultly has a ton of options for either a casual look or more formal look.

4.) Be bold and try a print: Want to add a little extra fun and oomph to your outfit? Go for the print whether it’s floral or animal, you’ll be sure to catch the eye of that cute barista. Try accessorizing with more neutral colors or in a similar color palette to really make your outfit complete.

5.) Layer, layer, and layer: This is your time to get creative and pair a bunch of different things together! You can wear one unbuttoned over the top of another dress as a jacket look or add a cute little petticoat or trench to tie it all together. I just bought this one from Urban Outfitters that I layer with my military-inspired jacket. One of my favorite outfits!
So next time you’re browsing the internet or Forever 21 be sure to grab a super chic, versatile, and comfy tshirt dress.

tshirt dress