Summer fun with an Asymmetrical Skirt!

asymmetrical skirt

My first date jitters were instantly cured with a super cute and fun asymmetrical skirt. It was in mid-July, boiling hot outside with not a cloud in sight. It was my town’s annual “Summer Days” festival, which included a three-day fair, music, and tons of food....

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Mother-Daughter Extravaganza


There was once a quote that I heard or read, “When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe.” Now this line is not only a quote anymore for me, my friends who are now mothers have proved this...

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Make A Statement in a Lace Skirt

black lace skirt

Don’t get me started about lace. Ever since I stopped wearing my “Pink” products with the Pink logo stamped on the butt, I was immediately drawn to lace. Lace bras and lace underwear. There’s something about lace that’s evidently sexy, but its also extremely comfortable!...

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